Date: January 22, 2024

Milestone: GLP-Compliant Digital Pathology System at GPS BV “fit for Purpose”

Full Histopathology Evaluation and/or Peer Review of Preclinical Toxicity Studies by the Toxicologic Pathologist

Exciting News from Global Pathology Support B.V.!

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone: our GLP-Compliant Digital Pathology System at GPS BV is now “fit for purpose” for Full Histopathology Evaluation and/or Peer Review of Preclinical Toxicity Studies by the Toxicologic Pathologist.

At Global Pathology Support B.V., we specialize in providing GLP-compliant preclinical pathology support, adhering to Good Laboratory Practice standards. Our histopathological assessment of toxicology studies, a crucial element in safety evaluations, is now enhanced through the use of “Whole Slide Images” (W.S.I.’s). The Board Certified Toxicologic Pathologist employs Digital Pathology system and own histopathology review on W.S.I.’s, ensuring comprehensive evaluations.

We are proud to announce that our approach has received approval from both our internal Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) and the National GLP Inspectorate of The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Netherlands (16-17 November 2023). This signifies our commitment to GLP-Compliance, assuring companies and CROs worldwide (N=38 countries incl. USA FDA) of our capability to meet OECD-GLP Guidelines using a multi-site approach.

If you’re seeking high-quality histopathology assessment for preclinical toxicity studies with a global reach, look no further! Reach out to us and discover how our cutting-edge Digital Pathology System can benefit your projects.

Whole Slide Images (W.S.I.’s) have revolutionized toxicologic pathology, offering efficiency and numerous benefits in data collection, analysis, and communication. To learn more about our innovative approach, visit

Explore the future of toxicologic pathology with Global Pathology Support B.V. – Your Partner in GLP-Compliant Excellence!

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Pre-clinical pathology evaluation of drugs, vaccines and chemicals in toxicology studies for safety assessment. Global Pathology Support B.V. deals with preclinical safety – toxicologic pathology - for the (bio-)pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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