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Global Pathology Support (The Hague) is a company has a unique expertise in the EU and was approved by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) and received their Endorsement of Compliance with the OECD principles of Good laboratory Practice in 2005.

It is a company within The Netherlands that has this expertise and concentrates on the collaboration with companies in the Life Science Industry to support the product safety in a GLP-compliant way.

We offer you these services applying high quality standards, in a flexible, fast and efficient way using one of the best Pathology Systems (Provantis® – Instem LSS) for histopathology assessment.

Biopharmaceutical consulting is crucial in launching safe and useful medications
Medication is only useful when it is safe and effective. This might seem obvious, and yet there are plenty of known accounts where medication was launched to the public without proper testing. The examples of failed medications in the 20th century, like the launch of Thalidomide and synthetic oestrogen (Diethylstilbestrol (DES)) are still etched into the memory of many pharmaceutical developers. Proper biopharmaceutical consulting by Global Pathology Support prevents these catastrophes from repeating themselves.
Why companies choose Global Pathology Support as their contract laboratory on a global scale
In the years since its foundation, Global Pathology Support became a trusted contract laboratory for several pharmaceutical and chemical companies in Europe and China. This status was reached due to the high quality of work that we provide. Global Pathology Support offers the necessary support that leads to the successful implementation of new products that benefit people’s health and wellbeing. Results are based on profound scientific knowledge, and due to our experience and expertise, results are generated quickly and accurately. 
Gross Pathology Assessment
A gross pathology assessment is conducted by a well-trained pathologist. This type of gross examination lays at the basis of and accurate diagnosis. This, however, requires expert knowledge and experience from the pathologist in question. And that is exactly why you contact Global Pathology Support. Dr. Thoolen is the founder and lead pathologist with over 30 years of experience and education in toxicologic pathology in the field of animal testing and pharmaceutical testing.
Histopathology assessment of toxicity and carcinogenicity studies
Besides profound knowledge and experience, the contract laboratory needs to comply with your needs, such as deadlines. Global Pathology Support holds its main office in The Hague in the Netherlands. Over the last few years, we have greatly invested in improving our IT data management capabilities. Your histopathology assessments of drugs, vaccines and chemicals can be processed quickly and efficiently, thus ensuring a timely delivery of the data you require.
Neuropathology and Reproductive Tract evaluations
Neurological afflictions still provide a great challenge to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Many new drugs that are being developed are still in a developing state, and proper neuropathology evaluation helps to determine whether a new type of medication is effective, and if a drug contains unwanted or even dangerous effects to people. GPS has considerable experience with specialized reproduction (OECD 421 and 422) and neuropathology investigations (qualitative and quantitative) involving specific brain localizations under OECD guidance (e.g., studies under OECD 443-guideline). 
Peer Review of Pathology and Advisory Consultant
In order to safeguard the integrity of pathology data, Peer Review of pathology from toxicology studies is often performed. Throughout the years our service has expanded to histopathology reviews, peer reviews of pathological studies, advice and consultancy in toxicological pathology, and neuropathology evaluation. Our knowledge, drive, positive energy and respectful attitude towards clients, have made Global Pathology Support an appreciated partner to many pharmaceutical companies.

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'Me and my colleagues always appreciated the collaboration with Bob as one of our consulting external pathologists and his reliable, fully GLP-compliant histopathology support by keeping thoroughly deadlines in a timely flexible manner.'

Dr. Wolfgang Kaufmann
Head of Global Pathology & Reproduction Toxicology Merck KGaA, Germany

'This is to state that I know Dr Thoolen for last several years as a colleague and friend. I have worked with him during his days as a principal pathologist at Solvay Pharmaceutical, BV, The Netherlands and later working at Global Pathology Support in The Netherlands. Robert is a well known toxicological pathologist with considerable experience in routine pathology work and peer review of reports. His dedication and quality of work is of high standards. Robert’s friendly approachable manners make him an easy person to work with.
He has worked well within the profession and his contributions to STP’ nomenclature group on the important topic of liver is well appreciated
I wish him success in his continued ventures in toxicological pathology'

Dr. C. Gopinath
Former Director of Pathology Huntingdon Life Sciences Ltd.

'We have repeatedly worked with Dr. Thoolen. He has always delivered accurate slide evaluations within a very compatible time frame. His polite and knowledgeable character made it easy for us to work with him, even in challenging projects.'

Associate Director NYCOMED GmbH
Institute of Pharmacology and Preclinical Drug Safety
Pre-clinical pathology evaluation of drugs, vaccines and chemicals in toxicology studies for safety assessment. Global Pathology Support B.V. deals with preclinical safety – toxicologic pathology - for the (bio-)pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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