Iwona Maziukiewicz

Personal Assistant Officer

Iwona is taking care of all logistics and performs all secretarial tasks, and assists in all important communication. She also assists in pathology input/check and report writing in close communication with the Quality Assurance Manager. She is the central point of contact for GPS BV and joined the team in 2018.

She is invaluable for GPS BV in that she is an enthusiastic, detailed and pragmatic worker and takes care of things, thus making it possible for other employees to focus on their main core activities. In her free time she likes to fitness and travel.

Working at GPS since 2018.

Pre-clinical pathology evaluation of drugs, vaccines and chemicals in toxicology studies for safety assessment. Global Pathology Support B.V. deals with preclinical safety – toxicologic pathology - for the (bio-)pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Company Info

Churchillplein 6D
2517 JW Den Haag
the Netherlands

+31 (0)70 314 24 04
+31 (0)6 461 496 05


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