Neuropathology assessment

Neurological afflictions still provide a great challenge to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Many new drugs that are being developed are still in a developing state, and proper neuropathology evaluation helps to determine whether a new type of medication is effective, and if a drug contains unwanted or even dangerous effects to people.

Neuropathology evaluation at Global Pathology Support

  • Expert knowledge and experience
  • Own testing facilities
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Send your specimens to Global Pathology Support in the Netherlands for a solid neuropathology evaluation. We are young organisation, founded in 2004 by renowned pathologist Dr. Thoolen. Throughout the years our service have expanded to histopathology reviews, peer reviews of pathological studies, advice and consultancy in toxicological pathology, and neuropathology evaluation.

GPS has considerable experience with specialized reproduction (OECD 421 and 422) and neuropathology investigations (qualitative and quantitative) involving specific brain localizations under OECD guidance (e.g., studies under OECD 443-guideline). Our knowledge, drive, positive energy and respectful attitude towards clients, have made Global Pathology Support an appreciated partner to many pharmaceutical companies.

Neuropathology evaluation at the basis of preventing neurological diseases

Global Pathology Support is well equipped in testing facilities, expert knowledge, experienced, and positive drive alike. We are more than happy to employ all of the above to the fullest, for getting your company the results you are looking for!

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